US Journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian soldiers

Brent Renaud reportedly killed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine

US Journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian soldiers

A US Journalist Brent Renaud jas been pronounced dead according to Ukraine authorities. Brent Renaud who was 51years old reports for The New York Times and was on a special assignment to cover Russia Ukraine war was reportedly shot. The American award winning journalist who was a correspondent for the news paper was shot early hours of Sunday March 13, 2022 according to Ukraine authorities.

The US citizen paid his life for trying to highlight how Putin and Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine.

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Brent Renaud was brutality killed in Irpin Town near Kyiv, Ukrainian capital reports say. Russian soldiers have been firing missiles in Kyiv major towns and other cities since the invasion.

Reports that one more foreign journalist (name and country not disclosed) have also been injured but rescued.

Ukrainian police also confirmed of the sad news.

A video shared on Twitter by War journalist, Paul Ronzheimer also confirmed the tragic news.

“A 51 year old US Journalist was killed today in Irpin, a Kyiv suberb. His colleague with whom he was travelling was injured and rescued”

watch video below

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