US Republican Senators push to designate Taliban a foreign terrorist organization

US Republicans push to designate Taliban as a terrorist organization.

A group of US Senators in a letter to Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken have urged the designation of the Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization. The Senators believe a ‘hasty withdrawal of US military from Afghanistan created a security vacuum which Taliban exploited through a country wide offensive that deposed governing authorities in all Afghan provinces including the capital city of Kabul’. The Senators revealed in a letter.

Former President Donald Trump had criticized President Biden and his administration for its foreign policy on Afghanistan weeks ago. According to the former President, ‘ hasty withdrawal will create a vacuum for terrorists including ISIS and al Qaeda’ in the region, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Video) A hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan will create a vacuum for terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda – President Trump warned in 2017

There have been several reports of Taliban doing door to door executions. An 8 month pregnant police officer was sadly killed in front of her family weeks ago by Taliban fighters but spokesman for the group denied claims (Video) Taliban forces execute 8 month pregnant police officer, Banu Negar in front of her husband & children – reports

There are also reports of Taliban manhandling Afghans preventing them from protesting. Just last week, A group of young Afghan women who were protesting for their rights were arrested and kept in a private facility. Two journalists were brutality beaten same day according to reports. United Nations have warned that Afghanistan may ‘face a looming humanitarian catastrophe’ if international community do not intervene.

Read also (Video) Afghan women being kidnapped whipped & shot at by Taliban for protestingTaliban is violent & intimidating journalists, forcing media people to push their ‘propaganda’ – reports

United Nations to raise $600million for Afghanistan after Taliban power seizure

Below is a letter by these US Senators to push for Taliban to be named a foreign terrorist organization

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