Vanessa Bryant Sobs At The Trial Over Kobe’s Crash Photo’s: ” I LIVE IN FESRVECRY DAY”

Vanessa Bryant

Through tears in federal Hoghton Court on Friday, Kobe Byant’s widow Vanessa Byant described her grief turned turned horror in February 2020.

Vanessa Byant took the witness sand for nearly three hours on day eight of her civil trial against Los Angeles County.

She’s suing the county for invasion of privacy over pictures taken at the site of the plane crahs that killed start basketball athletes Kobe Bryant and their 13 year old daughter Gianna Bryant on January 26 2020.

Vanessa said she was horrified to learn about a month after tye deadly plane crash that sheriff’s deputies and firefighters had taken and casually shared photos of Kobe Bryant and Gianna bodies, and claimedbthyeybhad gone out of their way to do so.

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‘I felt like I wanted to run, run down the block and scream” she said through sobs on the stand, as per NPR. It was like the feeling of wanting to run down a pier and jump into the water. The problem is i can’t escape. I canr escape my body”.

Vanessa explained she was with friends and her surviving surviving daughters when she received a call about Los Angeles Tines story which included plane crash site photos.

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“I bolted out of the house and around to the side so my girls wouldn’t see I was blindsided again, devasted hurt she said.

Bryant lawsuit and a similar suit from another family of crash victims alleges the county violated the memory of her husband and daughter and her own constitutional right to control the death images of her family members. She’s seeking damages for emotional distress, to be determined at the trial.

Vanessa Bryant ( on a picture with her late husband Kobe Bryant)

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