(Video) 12 dead, more than 100,000 evacuated after floods hit central China

massive floods currently hit central China, causing over 100,0000 people to be evacuated. 12 people are also confirmed dead as we speak according to BBC news.

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Heavy downpour hit parts of central China, Henan province and its capital Zhengzhou are worse off and most hit. Climate activists and expects have described the situation in China, especially the capital of Zhengzhou to be very disastrous than the recent floods in Germany and other parts of Europe that killed many and left lots of people displaced.

According to some, Zhengzhou had 200mm of very rain fall in just one hour. In Germany, they had 154mm in 24hours. This should tell you how serious the situation is.

This is said to be the heaviest downpour that has caused massive damage in 1,000years according to Skynews, with several footage that has surfaced online, showing underground drainage carriages all being filed with water.

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