(Video) 15 year old Nigerian explains how he’s able to create, Helicopter, Tipper, Benz, Lamboghini etc with aluminium

15 year old Nigerian boy explains how he’s able to manufacture Aeroplane, Tipper, Helicopter, Mercedes Benz, Lamboghini and many more cars with just aluminium, super glue, copper wire and motor.

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Ikechukwu Divine Oramife spoke to BBC Pidgun news to showcase his creative skills to the world. He revealed how he started building all these vehicles when he was just 11years old.

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“I started to do constructions like this when i was 11years. I did Helicopter, Aeroplane, Tipper, Mercedes, Lexus and Lambo. Lambo 2021 took me one month two weeks to build, the excavator took me one month and two days, and the Tipper took me two weeks and one day” Devine explained

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He also explains how he suffered in building the Lamboghini. According to him, it has been the most difficult to build so far because he has to make sure the door opens well.

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“For this Lamboghini 2021, I did the door five times before it started to work. And i appreciate myself” he praised himself

watch video below

Ikechukwu Devine on BBC Pidgin

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Africa is truly a continent with many talents. This boy right here is the prove. There are equally young folks across the continent who are well endowed with creativity in diverse ways, from engineering, sports, academics, entertainment and many more. Stay with us as we bring to you such inspiring stories.

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