(Video) Afghan women being kidnapped whipped & shot at by Taliban for protesting

Reports reaching News247gh.com has it that Afghan women are being whipped and shot at by Taliban fighters. A very disturbing video shared on social media confirmed that

The video above shows how Taliban fighters were whipping Afghan women on protest grounds. Women who have exhibited great immense resilience and courage to fight for their rights.

Another video shared by one twitter user who doubles as a woman advocate confirms how Taliban fighters suppress Afghan women from protesting. According to her, Taliban fighters have imprisoned Afghan women, preventing them from protesting for their rights. She explains how Taliban fighters arrests Afghan women on protest grounds and how they have relocated them at a private facility.

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Do not interfere with how Afghan women dress, you should not be changing our culture, as we don’t change yours – Taliban warn America

“Now the Taliban suppress the protests in Kabul by shooting Kabul women, they were imprisoned in a building belonging to a private bank” (@LaiaMF)

disclosed on twitter. Here’s what she has gathered, questioning the significance of Taliban, how they have the support of other powerful nations and the suppression of the rights and Afghan women.

“Faced with people fighting for their freedom by taking to the streets, threatened by the Taliban and recently bombed by Pakistan.
Faced with the genocide that Panjshir has suffered, where women and children have been killed, and threatened by great powers that have everything but democracy: such as China, Russia, Qatar, Iran, Turkey,?

WHEN WE WITHDRAW BACK WE DID NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE, WE LEFT THEM TO BE KILLED, not only by the Taliban, but also by Pakistan with its Drones directed by Chinese satellites.
THEY DESERVE to be defended by human rights, by the UN and by all the countries that fill their mouths with the word democracy …
Do you know that only 20% of the population would vote for the Taliban in case of elections?”

There was a report last weekend of Taliban fighters, executing a police woman who was heavily pregnant. Banu Negar was shot and killed in the presence of her children and husband. Taliban started doing door to door executions even before American troops left Afghanistan according to reports. Read how she was brutality killed (Video) Taliban forces execute 8 month pregnant police officer, Banu Negar in front of her husband & children – reports

They were chasing after people who helped Americans and the previous government. Spokesman for Taliban however denied all allegations levelled against them, noting that Taliban was Investigating the matter because they will never do a thing like that.

Last week President of Russia, Vladimir Putin revealed Russian embassy was open and ready to do business with the Taliban. He was speaking to Russian teenagers (Video) America achieved Zero result in Afghanistan if not negative – Russia President, Vladimir Putin

Taliban also revealed last week that China was going to be their biggest sponsor but before that announcement, China revealed their embassy was open for business.

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