(Video) America achieved Zero result in Afghanistan if not negative – Russia President, Vladimir Putin

America achieved Zero result in Afghanistan if not negative, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin says. According to him, the only result the U.S achieved after 20years of stay in Afghanistan was “tragedies and losses for the people who live on the territory of Afghanistan”

Putin revealed when he met with Russian teenagers at Russia’s Eastern City of Vladivostok where he had a word with them to mark the start of the year.

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“American troops were present on that territory of Afghanistan for 20years, and over those years, they were trying. This can be said without offending anyone – to civilize the local people. But in fact to impose their norms and standards of lives in the broadest way of this word, including the political organization of society. The only result is tragedies and losses for those who were doing that, for the United States and especially for the people who live in the territory of Afghanistan. This is a zero result if not negative. It is impossible to impose anything from outside” Mr Vladimir Putin criticized.

This is not the first time Putin has criticize U.S. He has criticized America including other western countries for trying to impose their ideologies and ways of governance on other nations. Reports also say both embassies of China and Russia were open and ready to do business with the Taliban.

Vladimir Putin confirmed that when he was addressing the teenagers.

“We’re establishing ties with Taliban officials, our embassy in Kabul is working actively on this. We have had such contacts for a long time and we will further work on them” the Russian President revealed.

Source: Bloomberg

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