(Video) At least 235 people arrested after Police use pepper spray to subdue anti-lockdown protesters in Australia, Melbourne

Australian police use capsicum spray to subdue people at an anti-lockdown protest.

In a very disturbing video circulating on social media, the police in Australia is seen using capsicum spray to disperse a crowd protesting. Reports say police told the anti-lockdown protesters to go home but they became more aggressive while they continued with the protest and all of a sudden, the police started abusing them physically. One of the police told reporters they were not Freedom protesters but rather ‘angry youths’

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watch video below

Reports say at least 235 people have been arrested, and 10 Police officers were also injured following a clash between these two parties

“what we saw today was a group of protesters that came together not to protest but simply to take on and have a fight with the police. That’s what we saw, angry aggressive young males. They had to fight the police not to protest about freedom” one police officer, Galliott told news reporters according to CNN.

Source: CNN

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