(Video) Australian citizen beaten at Kabul Airport with blood oozing all over his body raise concerns of Taliban rule

An Australian citizen has been physically assaulted at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. In a video, the young man is seen with blood oozing all over his head down to his body after he had been severely beaten.

This has caused many people to raise concerns of Taliban invasion as they takeover Afghanistan to rule again after 20years of power control. On Tuesday, World Bank halted it’s financial support to Afghanistan, citing the decision was necessary because of Taliban power takeover. Read article here World Bank suspends financial support to Afghanistan, questions Taliban legitimacy to rule

“They hit me badly. See this happened to me at Kabul Airport” he agonizingly said with much struggle as he tries to protect himself from more assault. While he struggle, a militant is seen snatching his phone as he tries to video the scene to prove or show as evidence to make a point.

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