(Video) Belfort beat Holyfield by first round TKO

Belfort beat Holyfield by first round TKO.

Victor Belfort has defeated Evander Holyfield by first round TKO. Holyfield who is 58years old couldn’t stand his feet 20 seconds into the fight. The referee stopped the fight 9 seconds first round was about to end.

Watch video below https://twitter.com/SlawsomeMMA/status/1436875023591952384?s=19

Many have suggested that there should be a pension for boxing just like other sports so that legends in the game won’t be disgraced like how Holyfield was.

Former President Donald Trump was one of the commentators for the night. He enjoyed a mob when a huge crowd chant ‘we want Trump’ watch video here (Video) ‘We want Trump’ huge crowd chant as he MC Holyfield vs Belfort fight

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