(Video) Bullies call my son alien, ask that I kill him – mother cries

Woman named Berata explains how people in her community bullied her son, calling him names like alien, monster etc. According to her everyone that look at her son express shock until ‘they can say no more’

Her baby was born this way and because of his deformity, she has been stigmatized by everyone around her including the baba’s daddy. She has been asked to kill her child. Her husband decided to leave the village because of public ridicule and has asked her to “send the baby back to the devil she got it from”

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“When we come across such things, we think that our problems are so small and simple compared to problems like this one. What is happening to her is unbelievable. Her husband abandoned her the moment he saw this baby, he said he does not give birth to monsters and that, she should take the baby to the devil where she got it from. No one wants to talk to her at all. Everyone runs away the moment they see this baby. The pain that this baby is going through is too much and what keeps hurting her as a mother is that she cannot do anything about it because the truth is no one wants to help her because they cannot explain why she’s always carrying him” Afrimax English narrates her predicaments

Here’s the video, click link to watch https://youtu.be/T1rkbWbZXXQ

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