Video: Busted Thief Asked to Distil Gutters After Given Beer

It seems residents of Takoradi have concocted a straightforward yet better method of managing hoodlums after they are gotten. They have moved away from the standard lynching of criminals totally.

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This was the reason a criminal got some days prior was made to snicker generously and requested to move and sing to excite occupants after the taken things were recovered.

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Indeed, a criminal who was gotten once more, an infamous one, obviously, was served brew and compelled to distil the drain in the whole town.

Amazing! That is a pleasant method of getting individuals to assist with cleaning the climate… with some lager to save, it was some somewhat “Work and Happiness”


As per a report by, the mid-grown-up was captured after the inhabitants checked his development and got him with a lot of plantain and some vehicle parts, subsequent to skipping around the space for quite a long time, they said.

After he neglected to distinguish the proprietor of the things, the occupants tied a rope around his midsection and strutted him nearby.

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A volunteer gathering for disinfection caused him to distil the gagged and rancid drains while regulating him.

After the common work, a few inhabitants shaved a cross sign in his hair, as an image of atonement from burglary.

Depleted and sweat-soaked as he was, the Takoradi occupants gave him the last, yet agreeable discipline. He was presented with chilled lager and requested to release all his dance moves.

He was subsequently walked to the police headquarters…

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