(Video) choas in Iran after riots spread over water shortages. Four confirmed dead

Reports reaching News247gh.com has it that, there has been water shortages in some parts of Iran for some days now and that incident has triggered massive protests across these areas.

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Reports also have it that the internet in some parts of Iran have been shut down, making things very difficult for citizens. Amnesty International has condemned the act of security forces in their recent posts.

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“Iran’s security forces have deployed unlawful force to crush peaceful protests in khuzestan. The systematic impunity that continues to take lives in Iran must end” the statement emphasized.

According to sources four people have died in earlier protests, including one police officer.

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According to one Twitter user, when the internet is shut down in Iran, it definitely means something bad is coming.

“an internet shutdown in Iran something bad is gonna happen, if you don’t start talking more about the struggles my people are going through, there’s a high chance another massacre like the November 2019” the account posted

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The protest is said to have spread across province of Azerbaijan as we speak

we’re currently following developments closely and we shall keep you informed.

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