(Video) Daniel Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix for McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo wins Italian GP for McLaren. Ricciardo shouted with joy after he crossed the winning line “yes for everyone who thought I left I never left. Thanks guys” he said joyfully.

celebrations after Daniels victory

Lando Norris who is Ricciardo’s teamate made it second after an amazing cruise, making the British team win a first one-two. This is the teams first win after the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix.

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Verstappen for Red Bull and Hamilton or Mercedes collided and couldn’t make it. Both battled for position after Verstappen’s vehicle landed on Hamilton’s vehicle.

“Yes yes yes Daniel, McLaren wins Italian Grand Prix” a post from McLaren on twitter.

A tweet from McLaren

“we have had an awesome weekend, we’ve been working towards this. We’ve finally got ourselves a 1-2 I’m so happy” Ricciardo said. Watch video below

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