(Video) Don’t return my dead body to Ghana even if I die in Japan – Ghanaian man

According to this Ghanaian man, who left Ghana to Japan, living in Ghana is more than hell and that he doesn’t want to ever come back to his birth country, not even his dead body.

He was talking to one social media enthusiast living in the UK when he made all these revelations.

According to him, he’s married to a Japanese and they have two kids together and that, the security system in Japan is so good that his whole family can even step out without locking up their entire home and no one has ever broken into their home to steal anything.

He also revealed how this is actually a common practice in Japan because where lots of people do not lock up their homes. Some even go out and leave behind their mobile phones, wallets and other valuables.

“I will ot go back to Ghana, what I’m I going back to do in Ghana. Me that God has blessed me and I left Ghana for Japan what would I go back to do in Ghana?” He asked the interviewer.

He continued “In Ghaa if you do not have money, you will never enjoy the place. In Ghana anyone can just stand up and kill you. You can die at anytime but there’s nothing in Japan like that” he alleges

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Tell us what you make of his assertions. Do you agree with this young man? Share your thoughts with us.

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