Video: Efia Odo and 15 FTC Campaigners Have Been Arrested

Reports indicate that Efia Odo and 15 members of the fix the country have been arrested. The cause of arrest has not been disclosed.

Earlier today, lawyers representing fix the country campaigners were in court challenging the injunction placed on the fix the country demo.

Efia Odo was seen in a video with some other guys shouting, “we will demonstrate!” Could this be the reason of their arrest?

For the past one month, Efia Odo has actively partaken in the fix the country demonstration, posting all manner of visuals and stating that the Ghanaian people need basic amenities.

It seems the government of Ghana is not happy with this demonstration. The High Court of Ghana placed an injunction on the FTC demo which was later quashed by the Supreme Court of Ghana.

One American-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor indicated that, it was wrong for the FTC campaigners to meet up with the IGP.

He added that should anything go wrong, these guys would be picked up or arrested. Has his prophecy come true?

Watch video here below

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