(Video) Female footballers have flat chests & are unattractive for marriage – Tanzania President, Samia Hassan

Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Hassan is already facing criticisms months into her Presidency. Majority of Tanzanians are not happy about her comments on female footballers.

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According to her, female footballers have ‘flat chets’ and are not attractive for marriage. Many Tanzanians are very surprised of her utterances as they hold her in high esteem. Some have asked her to apologize for her ‘reckless comments’.

President Samia Hassan was speaking at state House in Dar es Salaam to receive a trophy won by the National under 23 men’s football team when she made her comments. The trophy was being received for the season’s Council for East and Central Africa Football Association (Cecafa) challenge Cup.

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“if we bring them here and line them up for those with flat chests, you might think they’re men, not women. And for the way they are, a life of marriage is just a dream” she addressed the female footballers

some Tanzanians have advised that she get a ‘multidisciplinary team to train her and Shape her on public communication. “Samia Suluhu, believe you me, you need a multidisciplinary team to advise, shape you to deliver strategic communication” a lady who shares the video on twitter, Salimu advised.

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