(Video) First male testifies against R. Kelly of alledged sex abuse

First male testifies against R. Kelly of alleged sex abuse. According to reports, he was only l7years old, still a teenager and was willing to go into music. Singer R. Kelly questioned him in 2006 what he ‘was willing to do for music’ before he abused him sexually.

Multiple women have accused R. Kelly of sex trafficking and have testified in court including this very first male.

Louis told the court how he met the famous singer then and how he developed interest in him, to help him and how he sexually abused him sexually.

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“He asked me what i was willing to do for music. He asked that I keep it between me and him, we are family now, we are brothers.

Here’s a video from twitter user explaining R. Kelly’s predicament

He also explained how he wasn’t into anal sex as he was not getting any reaction. He also testified how he had multiple sexual encounters with him. ” I wasn’t into it and i was not getting a reaction, so he had stopped” young Louis, now a fully grown man said

Read more on CNN https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/08/30/us/r-kelly-testimony-male-witness/index.html?__twitter_impression=true

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