(Video) Ghana qualify for mens 4x100m relay finals as they finish ahead of USA

Ghana has qualified for the mens 4x100m relay finals as they finish 5th with a time record of 38.08seconds ahead of the United States of America.

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The boys have now set a new national record as they make it to the finals as one of the fastest non qualifying times.

here’s a footage of the race and how these youngsters managed to place 5th

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The race started around 2:30am local time in the 4x100m heats. The very last time Ghana progressed from the mens heats was in 1996, Atlanta Olympic games, that’s 25years ago. Interesting thing is this; only two of these four runners were born within that space of time.

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Finals is on Friday, August 6th exactly 13:50GMT, 1:50pm local time. We wish them all the best.

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