(Video) Haiti has been hit by another earthquake, killing 304, injuring nearly 2000 people

Haiti has been hit by another earthquake, taken the lives of 304 people and injuring more than 1800 people according to reports.

“Let us pray for Haiti. I want to express my condolences to the dear hard hit by the earthquake. May the solidarity of all alleviate the condolences of the tragedy” Pop Francis twitted, showing his solidarity with the Haitian people.

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The 7.2 magnitude quake flattened homes and top buildings in the Caribbean Nation. Whilst the people of Haiti are still trying to heal from the terrible disaster that struck them about 11years ago, they have been hit by another gimcrack tremor. As we speak, Haitian military and other forces are digging through the debris and demolished structures, searching for loved ones who are unlikely to be alive after the earth tremor. Lots of people are still scared and traumatized by the 2010 earthquake and have chosen to sleep outside.

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Tennis star, Naomi Osaka has pledged her support, to give all her earnings from an upcoming tournament which will serve as a relief package for Haitian victims who have been gravely affected.

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