(Video) Hamas uses civilians as shields to protect itself – Israel

Israel military is again out with another video, this time accusing Hamas of using its citizens as shields to protect itself. In the video, Israel explains how Hamas is allegedly using civilians to protect itself.

Reports that many kids have died from Israel Palestine struggle since it began. Few hours ago, The Associated press reported that Israeli forces have bombed a building in Gaza city, building occupied by their stuff and other press officials like Aljazeera news portal etc. But they were all evacuated before the building was bombed and had eventually collapsed.

There’s currently protest in some parts of the world for international community to intervene. There have been pressure on Joe Biden, American President to speak on the matter. Few hours ago, he had a call with Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and promised America’s allegiance as an ally.

Israel has the right to defend itself president Biden said according to The White House

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