(Video) Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan getting worse as children are evacuated, leaving their parents behind

American soldiers are seen in new footage lifting up children from their parents over the Kabul airport wall perimeter. Reuters shares very disturbing picture taken by Omar; a little baby being evavuated by the soldiers as he leaves his mother’s comforting arms, perhaps that’s the last time he’ll have that parental bond with his mother. Watch how that happened by clicking link below Little baby handed over to American army over a wall at Kabul Airport after Taliban invasion

Afghanistan forces are now in control of Kabul, Afghanistan capital and the whole country after 20years. Read article here (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

A video shared by NowThis news portal show how many Afghan children are beig evacuated as their parents have no option than to say their last goodbyes. Both the old and young are desperate and devastated as they leave their families behind. It is also reported that Taliban fighters are “carrying out door to door manhunt, in search of NATO and other American allies” according to BBC.

We’re following and monitoring this keenly and we shall keep you informed.

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