(Video) Hushpuppi was arrested because of greed – explainer

A blogger and a social media communicator following and covering Hushpuppi’s case made some interesting revelations.

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According to her, Hushpuppi was actually apprehended because of his greed. She revealed that, Instead of Hushpuppi keeping only 30% of $100m which is $30, he actually went ahead to keep all the $100m to himself and not bothered to sort his boys out. So these boys were the the ones who gave him out. She emphasized

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“Those funds were going through secret service. When his accomplice hacked into it reportedly, the $100m came out, the $30 was for Hushpuppi, the 70% was for his accomplice and his boys. This is according to FBI source, when Hushpuppi has heard that they captured his accomplice, rather than lay low or whatever, he double crossed, and kept all the $100m. Those boys were the ones that gave the FBI information about the entire operation and they found way to start looking for Hushpuppi” she explained

watch video below

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Hushpuppi is facing a 20year jail term. A USA Court hint that he may be jailed in October 2012.

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