(Video) If Human Beings Can Breakdown Then A Fire Tender Can Also Breakdown After Working 24/7 – Ghana National Fire Service Reveals

The Ghana National Fire Service have indicated that faulty fire tender caused the delay in quenching the fire outbreak at Makola Market.

Earlier today, some parts of Makola market were consumed by fire. Sources indicate that the cause of the outbreak was as a result of damaged wires.

Ghana National Fire Service were present at the scene to minimize the impact of the raging fire but were unable to achieve its goal due to faulty fire tender.

Traders at the premises noted that fire fighters came along with a no water fire tender. Due to this, a great deal of properties were destroyed.

Responding to the delay in quenching the fire, the representative for the Ghana Fire Service revealed that the fire tender was faulty owing to a 24/7 usage.

The fire tender that came by was faulty and booked out of service. The second fire tender came from the ministries but not the fire station here,” he said.

Giving reasons to why there was no replacement for the faulty fire tender he disclosed, “the fire tender is an emergency vehicle and works 24/7.

So if human beings can breakdown, then a fire tender that works 24/7 can also breakdown.”

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