(Video) I’m not going to give any money to my blacmailler – Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage reveals after coercion over sex tape

I’m not going to give any money to my blacmailler

According to the Nigerian songstress, some people are trying to blackmail her over a sex video with her boyfriend.

Tiwa Savage was speaking in an interview on Power Radio 105.1fm, saying she recieved a video from someone who is trying to blackmail her over sex she and her boyfriend enjoyed together. According to her, she initially asked how much the blacmailler was going to take but later changed her mind. “What if I give out this Money the person comes again and they won’t stop coming” she said

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“Yesterday I was leaving a radio station in my car, when my manager sent me a message and said check your phone and I’m like okay. So I checked and its a video and I’m like where did you get this from?” She said

This is from somebody on your team? The interverveiwer asked

“Yes and it’s a tape of me and the person I’m dating right now. So I sent it to my manager and I’m like what are we gonna do?. The person is asking for money now” she said

The interviewer ask her if it was “the person she’s dating now” but Tiwa Savage believes in her boyfriend and said no immediately, revealing how he’s also confused about the issue

“No he’s going crazy too so I’m like what are we gonna and my manager is like how much are they asking for. And I’m like no, because you pay now and then two months you gonna come back and then two years you gonna come back again” she replied

watch video below

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