(Video) Irresponsible governance turning Ghana & Africa female graduates into prostitutes – Captain Smart

Former show host of Angel group of companies, Captain Smart who got expelled by the Chief Executive officer of the company, Mr Kwesi Oteng has has landed a new new job at Media General and is already throwing ‘bombs’.

She joined Onua TV just this week and premiering the show for the very first time, the tv presenter revealed that most female graduates in Ghana take to prostitution after their tertiary education simply because there are no jobs in the country.

According to him if you take 10 females graduates in Ghana and Africa as a whole, at least 6 of them will turn out sleeping with men for survival. The presenter funnily illustrated it on live television. Watch video below

captain Smart funnily illustrating how female graduates sleep with men

He was maverick and fearlessly out spoken on his former job, a development that got him sacked and landed him where he is today. Captain Smart and his team quickly established SmartTv just hours after he was expelled from his former work place. Days later, he appeared on #TV3newday, where he was welcomed to Media General. He has been assigned to OnuaTV

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