(Video) It was time to end Afghanistan war, it’s the best & wise decision for America & it was successful – President Biden

It was time to end Afghanistan war, its the best, right and wise decision for America and it was successful – words of President Joe Biden hours after the very last American troop left Afghanistan.

The President has come under massive criticism for making such a decision for American troops to withdraw after two decades of war. A pool conducted indicated that majority of Americans wanted the military to stay in Afghanistan until the last American leaves.

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“There is nothing low grade, low risk or low cost about any war. It was time to end the war in Afghanistan. Its time to look to the future, not the past. I give my word with all my heart, I believe this is the right decision, a wise decision and the best decision for America” the President said

Former President Donald Trump had warned in 2017 that a “hasty withdrawal will create a vacuum for terrorists including ISIS and Al Qaeda” he said in the link below (Video) A hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan will create a vacuum for terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda – President Trump warned in 2017

In a video shared by the Taliban, one of Osama Bin Laden’s allies, Dr. Amin Ul Haq who was allegedly his assistant is seen in Afghanistan waving and shaking hand with the Taliban. He left the country for Pakistan after Bin Laden was killed by American forces in Afghanistan.

There are also reports of a militant group still fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan despite the exit of America. This has sparked another conversation as many doubt and question the exit of America.

Many have also questioned the leadership of America as a strong believer in democracy and a global leader. Because there have been several reports of the Taliban manhandling Afghans and the abuse of women as many fear of shariah law coming back Here’s something brief about shariah law & it’s effect on Afghan women. Two kidnappers were hanged by the Taliban days ago after three days of trail bybthe Taliban

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