(Video) Man in wheelchair rescued from being hit by a train 10s before it arrived

You can call him a hero, yes he truly is one. In a video, the brave man is seen lifting up another man in wheelchair who fell on the subway tracks.

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The man in the wheelchair was together helped to escape death by bystanders but the very one who deserves the most credit is the first man who has been very brave to rescue him only 10seconds before the train had arrived. The man fell into the subway tracks on Wednesday just seconds before an incoming train barreled into the station.

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Footage showed how bystanders at Union Square Station platform in New York assisted the man in wheelchair. A certain man who happens to be the good samaritan extended a helping hand while he tries to lift him from the subway. It was a very scary moment because the train actualy arrived just seconds he had been saved.

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“This afternoon in Union Square, man in a wheelchair somehow ended up on the subway tracks. Luckily, a good samaritan jumped down and rescued the man about 10 seconds before the train came into the station”

A twitter account posted

It is good that we still very good people out there who are willing to give a helping hand. This is a real man. We thank him for his endless love and brevity.

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