(Video) Man still healthy after avoiding drinking water for 20years

A Burundi man explains how he’s still alive after avoiding drinking water for 20years. He told Afrimax English how everyone liked him in his village.

“I was a rich man and people like me. And they use to visit me alot but one day something happened, some people visited me and left their belongings. I kept it and told myself I would give it to them anytime I find them. One day, the police walked into my house and arrested me because what I was keeping was a stolen item. The people who left the item stole it from someone else. I didn’t know ow what was going on” he told Afromax English

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He continued to narrate his ordeal. According to him, he was a bubble man and he had no option than to continue to do it to be able to survive while in prison.

“I was arrested and sent to jail. I became a rasta man and avoided meat, fish and water as well and for the past 20years, I kept that” he said

watch video here https://youtu.be/Xf2GwL0DBOI

Many people in the village gave account of his benevolence.

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