(Video) most prophets in Ghana are fake -Nana Agradaa sends strong message to Christians

According to Nana Agradaa, most prophets in Ghana are fake and not doing the work of God. Nana Agradaa who repented and gave her life to Jesus christ made her statement as she preached the word of God.

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“not everyone who says to me Lord; shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father in heaven” Mathew 7:21

She quotes the bible as she sends strong message to Christians. She also preached about love, quoting the bible again from Mark 12:31, which says love your neighbour as yourself.

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“I have seen some men of God coming and saying they have done the work of God and have seen nothing. Its not about the work or church you have worked for long, it’s not the grace, it’s not your degree. And they would say Lord I have used your name to preach the gospel to heal the sick and do miracles. And the Lord will say, I don’t know you” she detailed.

She continued “this message is for the prophets, the fake prophets, the evangelists. We must change from our ways and get more closer to God”

Here’s the below. click link to watch

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she also sprayed some cash on viral Brother Sammy, who vowed to “bring her down” after she repented


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