Video: National security is wrong, there was merits in what Caleb Kudah did – Prof. Gadzekpo

Dean of School of Information and Communication Studies, University of Ghana, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo revealed on News File that Journalist of Cititv, Caleb Kudah who was allegedly assaulted on Tuesday May 11 actually did no wrong.

She revealed that the actions of national security was deliberate and not just against one journalist but all journalists.

she also revealed that Ghana needs more of enterprise journalism. According to her there was merits in what Caleb did.

He was there for information, there will be no journalism if journalists don’t go undercover. He was there to verify information.

Caleb Kudah was brutally beaten on Tuesday when he went to national security premises for filming. National security came up with a statement on the matter to ensure the public investigations are currently ongoing to ascertain the actual cause.

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