(Video) President Biden & Secretary Blinken were clueless about Afghanistan – Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan

President Biden and his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken were ‘clueless’ about Afghanistan – Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan alleges.

Speaking to CNN’s with Becky Anderson, Prime Minister of Pakistan made some daring remarks. According to him, both President of the United States, Joe Biden and his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken were ‘clueless’ to the extent that he became very shocked at a point. ‘I have never heard such ignorance before. I’m in a state of shock’ he said.

There have been growing reports of Pakistan sponsorship in Taliban – Afghanistan interim government.

According to reports, Pakistan military is helping Taliban fighters to invade Panjshir valley and Kandahar.

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“I was listening to them, I have never heard such ignorance. They’re absolutely clueless, number one of what’s happening in Afghanistan. The state of Pakistan is under attack for being an ally of the US”

He was also asked of his opinion whether there’s a trust deficit between Pakistan and the West.

“Isn’t it any wonder that there is a trust of deficit between the west and Pakistan?”

“it is a big ignorance. The Americans did not understand what Haqqani network was, Haqqani is a tribe, its a stune tribe living in Afghanistan. They were born in Afghanistan’s refugee camp. There’re three million people living in this camps, were we supposed to check which one of them was Taliban and which not?”

The prime minister also denied claims of Pakistan funding Taliban. “We don’t even have the capacity to fund another war. ” He says America has much more financial muscle for that. Watch video below.

Source: CNN

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