(Video) Saber Nasseri tells how Taliban fighters chopped off his fingers, begs President Biden to save his family in Afghanistan

Afghanistan interpreter Sabber Nasseri gave an account on how Taliban fighters chopped off his fingers. Speaking to Newsmax, the interpreter grievously expressed his sentiments, calling on President Joe Biden to rescue his family in Afghanistan.

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“my family and siblings are out there at the Central of Taliban hiding next to the Kabul airport. When I was advisor, they put a $300,000 dollar as bounty on my head. They cut my fingers off. Now there’re looking for my family to arrest them. I was asking Mr Joe Biden, I respect you I like you but the problem is why you forgot us, why you left us behind, why you support Taliban. Majority of people don’t like Taliban. Right now, a million people want to leave Afghanistan” Mr Nasseri said agonizingly.

He’s calling on President Joe Biden to rescue his family and all Americans in Afghanistan. “I’m kindly requesting from Mr Biden, please save my family, please those families who sacrificed for united States” he detailed

Saber Nasseri lost 5 of his fingers after Taliban attack.

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