(Video) The Taliban kill babies, execute women, cut people’s tongues – Reports

The Taliban kill babies, execute women, cut people’s tongues. New report report reaching News247gh.com has it that Taliban ‘kill babies, execute women and cut people’s tongues.

There were reports of Taliban targeting Christians and other minority ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Read more here Taliban targeting Christians & ethnic minority groups; some already facing prosecution according to a report

A video shared by Glenn Beck, interviewing Tim Kennedy narrates a story of what he saw on the grounds in Afghanistan. The story reveal how people are killed and tortured in Afghanistan. Tim told Glenn what he saw in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan where he did most of his reports. According to him, what he witnessed was heart-wrenching.

Two kidnappers were executed through hanging by the Taliban days ago. The Taliban revealed how these two men went through trail and were later executed publicly in a video. Watch that here (Video) Two children kidnappers executed by Taliban through hanging, action described as ‘Islamic justice’

“So the Taliban is looking for specific people. The Taliban know we want them and they want them too. They might be interpreters, engineers, pilots. They don’t want them to leave because the Taliban want to create a government that can generate money that will make them more powerful. They kill babies, they execute women, they take passports and tear them, they’re cutting out people’s tongues. There are horrific things they’re doing” he said

There have been growing reports of disappearances, detentions of officials days after the Taliban invaded Kabul. Read about sharia law and what it really means Here’s something brief about shariah law & it’s effect on Afghan women

(Video) It was time to end Afghanistan war, it’s the best & wise decision for America & it was successful – President Biden

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