(Video) Uber Driver Executioner Describes Execution Process

Rashid, the suspected murderer of the Uber driver at Feiyiase said that he tricked the deceased before decapitation.

The suspected murderer noted that he saw the driver on road, discussed a trip and the driver picked him up.

The two got to an unknown area and Rashid got out the car. He sought help from the driver to help him lift some speakers in a house.

The driver, being kind and God-fearing bought the idea. Reaching the area, Rashid cut the driver to death and later excuted him.

Responding to questions on the aftermath of the murder, the prime suspect said that blood was all over him and needed to wipe himself.

So he quickly jumped into a pond around the area to cleanse himself. He later, went to nearby house and sought for a dress.

He indicated that, he hid a trousers behind a palm tree which he retrieved and wore to replace his blood spilled trousers.

He wanted to leave the scene with the head but saw a large number of people approaching him. So he dumbed the head in the bush.

Rashid disclosed that he was motivated by a fetish priest to commit this murderer. The fetish priest in question is yet to be arrested.

click on the link below to watch video.


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