(Video) Vodafone Ghana to give Christ Ambassadors school free fixed broadband & data after Oswald’s letter

while lots of business Organizations sent their gifts and other packages to Oswald at his school in the morning, Vodafone Ghana actually waited until now to announce their juicy package.

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Oswald became a public sensation overnight after one Twitter user posted a letter he wrote to his mom, asking her to buy him some items to be able to make this year’s ‘Our Day’ a memorable one.

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Vodafone Ghana has pledged to connect the schools ICT lab with fixed broadband which will receive free data for a one year period. They have also promised to also give Oswald a device that would facilitate and help his learning process at home

“Smart kid, we love to see it. The schools ICT lab will be connected and receive free data for a year” the company stated

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Earlier on, Kidi was at Christ Ambassador School as he promised hours ago to perform for the students while they celebrate this year’s Our Day in a grand style. Click to watch video below

Watch Kidi’s performance here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=156993009866003&id=109746051257366

While the day is about to end, more companies continue to pledge their support for 9year old Oswald and his School. He truly brought light to the school, to is colleagues and to Ghanaians.

Speaking on JoyNews, he says he wants to be an Actor when he grow up. Well we can emphatically say that, he’s already one and just getting his career started.

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