Vladimir Putin’s $700m superyacht confiscated in Italy

European Commission continue to impose sanctions on Russia

A $700million superyacht Scheharazade that allegedly belongs to President Vladimir Putin was confiscated in Italy according to reports.

The 460 foot superyacht Scheharazade was confiscated on Friday May 6, 2022 after calls grow of the vessel being linked to Russian President to be seized after Italian officials had Intel it was about to set out to Italian waters. The 460 foot superyacht Scheharazade was docked in the Tuscan port of Marina di carrara.

Countries across Europe, including the Americas, Canada and the United States have already seized luxury assets linked to Russian Oligarchs and President Vladimir Putin.

The superyacht was confiscated to conform to European Union measures “in undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine” according to Italian officials.

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Addressing Italian Parliament in March, President Zelensky edged Italian officials to take all necessary actions against Russian Oligarchs. He told them to not “be a resort for madness”. But to “Block all their real estates, accounts and yachts, from Scheharazade to the smallest ones. Block the assets of all those who have influence in Russia”

Getting to three months of war, Russia continue with their bombardments of Ukrainian cities, including civilian apparents.

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