“War is evil” the eye of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Ukraine

Russian soldiers fired missiles when UN Chief was in Kyiv

“War is evil” the eye of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Ukraine

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres could not believe his eyes what he saw in Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv and some war thorn cities like Irpin, Bucha and Kramatorsk and Borodyanka. Mr Antonio Guterres announced last week he would visit both the aggressor and the defender. Antonio Guterres to visit Putin and Zelensky for peace talks

His decision to visit Moscow before Kyiv caught public attention as many criticize his plan. Many thought Kyiv was the first place he should visit. President Zelensky of Ukraine was also not happy with his decision. But it happened anyway. Only for President Putin to welcome him with a long table like he did to previous leaders who visited him before the war begun

Many describe the treatment as disrespectful and embarrassing.

The UN Secretary General did not like what he saw on his arrival in Ukrainian capital Kyiv. He described the situation in Ukraine as “evil and absurdity”

At Borodyanka a suberb of Kyiv, the UN Secretary General said he could not Imagine his family in one of these civilian houses being destroyed by Russian soldiers. He said he saw that his children and grandchildren were running in panic.

“I imagine my family in one of these houses, now destroyed and covered in soot. I see my grand daughters running in panic. War in the 21st century is unacceptable” he said.

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Right before his eyes in Ukraine, Russian soldiers fired Kyiv with a cruise missile, something many described as security treat to the UN Secretary General and the whole United Nations security council.

Russian soldiers fired missiles just when the UN chief and President Zelensky were holding a press conference.

The President said the strike by Russian soldiers was an attempt to “humiliate the international body”

“And this says a lot about Russia’s true attitude to global institutions. About the efforts of the Russian leadership to humiliate the UN and everything that the organization represents” he said.

Speaking to BBC, the un chief told Journalist Ben brown how he was shocked by the missile attack on residential area the time he and Zelensky were having talks.

He also spok of how the people of Mariupol can be rescued by opening humanitarian corridors

“This is one of the fastest and scale up operations we have ever undertaken, and we’re very much aware that not everything is perfect. Until now, we have provide life saving humanitarian aid to 3.4 million people inside Ukraine and we’re willing to double that number towards 7 million people by the end of August. We’re expanding our cash assistance, distributing 100 million per month, reaching now 1.3 million people by May and covering two million people by August. And I’m here to tell you Mr President, and to the people of Ukraine, we will not give up to save lives and reduce human sufferings. Effective humanitarian corridors, local cessation of hostilities, safe passage for civilian and supply routes. Today, the people of Mariupol are I desperate need for just such an approach. Mariupol is a crisis within a crisis” he said.

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