Watch: How ‘Gye Nyame’ Plastic Chair Advert Miraculously Made It To A Hollywood Movie

It seems the Hollywood film ‘Dark Beach’ has more surprises for Ghanaians than we least anticipated.

Review it was accounted two or three months prior that the film in one of the scenes included two songs from Ghanaian Dancehall sensation and head of the Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale. The two songs included in the film are ‘My Level’ and ‘Ayoo’.

Apparently, a portion of the scenes in the Hollywood film were shot in some Costal regions in Ghana, and a basic glance at the film demonstrates the film has one final amazement for Ghanaians after the Shatta Wale songs.

During the shoot of one of the scenes in Ghana, the team picked a surprising sound behind the scenes, a sound that announces most Ghanaians whenever they hear or come across anytime.

‘Gye Nyame’ plastic chair advert is one sound that irritates most Ghanaians whenever they hear or come across it on any dat, but shockingly or better still miracously, this one advert that disturbs numerous Ghanaians have find it way to be featured in the Black Beach film.

Watch the video below

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