Watch: Symptoms of chronic hepatitis B & remedies

Symptoms of hepatitis B and remedies

Hepatitis B is an inflamed condition that attacks the liver. Many people are suffering from hepatitis on the low key. Some have that courage to communicate to their family members and friends, others also keep it for themselves and are suffering with the condition.

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Hepatitis is a virus of toxins that attack the liver. Hepatitis B virus attacks the liver cells by killing them ,resulting in scar tissue building up in their place (fibrosis). The liver becomes hard in texture. When this happens, it is referred to as cirrhosis liver, which can be moderate, mild or severe.

Hepatitis B is commonly caused by a viral infection but there are other possible causes e.g autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of drugs, alcohol, medications, toxins, the kind of food we take and sometimes our lifestyle in general. Auto immune hepatitis disease also occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue.

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The liver is designed to take a significant amount of damage by repairing and regenerate itself. But as more healthy liver cells are damaged and replaced by hard scar tissue, the liver becomes so damaged that it can no longer carry out its functions. This development is called decompensated cirrhosis.

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Symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis include jaundice, swelling of the legs and feet, high blood pressure, varices swollen veins in the oesophagus,red blotchy palms, easy bruising and excessive bleeding.

Hepatitis A and E are also caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water. Infection with hepatitis A virus can cause an unpleasant illness. Hepatitis B, C and D are usually caused as a result of contact with injected body fluids. Common modes of transmission include receipt of contaminated blood to blood products, invasive medical procedures using contaminated equipments, transmission from mother to baby at birth, through physical contact, family member to child and many more.

Hepatitis virus is very vicious because it is a tough virus that spreads and duplicates especially in the liver, creating many complications.

Now are your worried about the side effects of all these chemical drugs to use s cure?

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Expects advise it is best to use organic and herbal means to get your liver back to normal. This will help kill viruses by stopping their growth. Organic means will also fight cancer by blocking the growth of cancer cells and causing cell death (apoptosis). Organic means will also speed up liver healing and promote to skin cell by rejuvenating it. It will protect the liver from toxins and injury by removing all weak cells and replacing them with new ones.

watch this video from Doctor ASKY on hepatitis B below

In effect, the hepatitis B virus cannot replicate or multiply, therefore rendering the virus dysfunctional and inactive.


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