Watch video of a doctor raping a pregnant woman while giving birth

Video of a doctor raping a pregnant woman has gone viral on social media. Watch video below of a doctor raping a pregnant woman while giving birth:

Hospital staff were supposedly stressed over how much medications Bezerra was providing for his patients. The doctor is said to have utilized such a lot of sedative that the moms would not be able to hold their children in the wake of delivering.

Watch video of a doctor raping a pregnant woman while giving birth

The staff individuals who recorded the rape uncovered the doctor had previously done two comparable methodology that day, with police researching whether those two ladies were likewise victims of assault.

It would be recalled that

lady’s husband was approached to forget about the room and possibly found about what had befallen his better half when he perceived the specialist on TV after his capture.

“I’ve seen nothing like it,” said delegate Barbara Lomba, who is accountable for exploring the case.

The lady imparted to her family that she assumed she was having a fantasy at the hour of the sexual assault.

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The authority knowing about the doctor was hung on Tuesday, July 12. He is having to deal with penalties of assault with a jail sentence going from 8 to 15 years in Brazil.

According to Twitter user who posted the video of the doctor raping a pregnant woman said: DR mouth raping patient during surgery Brazilian anesthetist was arrested after he was caught putting his penis in a pregnant woman’s mouth during her C-section. He heavily sedated her and hospital nurses set up a hidden camera.

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