Wayne Rooney turns down Everton job as manager (Video)

Wayne Rooney rejects Everton job

Wayne Rooney turns down Everton job as manager

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Wayne Rooney turns down Everton job as manager, told news reporters he’s ready but he has a job now. Months ago, Wayne Rooney was appointed as Derby County football club coach. Accepting the challenge, Rooney took to his social media pages to confirm his love for the club and promise to do his best to take the club to the next level.

Fast forward into his first role as coach, Rooney revealed Everton approached him to offer him the top job but turned it down.

According to reports Everton approached Rooney’s agent and asked him if he would be available for the top job.

“Everton approached my agent and asked me to interview for the job. I turned it down. I believe I will be a premier league manager and I’m ready for that 100% but I have a job at Derby County, which is important to me” he told Sky Sports

Rooney speaking to Sky Sports on Everton job

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Rooney loves Derby County. He made a promise to the club and the whole staff, and he’s keeping to that.

Reports has it that Rooney paid his staff weeks ago with his own money, in and around the training ground and stadium. All these shows how he loves Derby.

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