We are with Russia, we make no apology about our association with Russians – EFF leader Julius Malema (Video)

Speaking on BBC’s hard talk, leader of EFF Julius Malema said his party, Economic Freedom Fighters side with Russia and “they’re encouraging South Africa government to work with Russia”

Leader of EFF Julius Malema emphatically told BBC Journalist Stephen Sackur that the whole party and its leadership is with Russia

He was answering questions on South Africa’s current economic struggle etc. high inflation, leading high costs of living and unemployment among young folks.

We can all admit Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have affected even super powerful nations, not to talk of South Africa which happens to he the most developed country in Africa.

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Responding to questions in that regard, leader of EFF Julius Malema said the party will continue to support Russia because they were there for them when no one else was

“It is of no doubt across the world that Vladimir Putin invasion of Ukraine has led to a short spike in energy prices and in food shortage, which badly affects the people of South Africa. I just wonder why in that context, you and your party are so loud pro-Putin?. You have said we are with Russia. What’s going on?” Stephen Sackur asked on Hard Talk show on BBC.

“we are with Russia, we are encouraging our government to work with Russia and to work with Brics. To try to find solutions to these problems were confronted with. Russians were there for us, Nd we make no apology with our association with Russia” Mr. Julius Sello Malema said.

He also criticized President Cyril and his government, calling on him to resign.

He’s seeking to become president of South Africa under the ticket of Economic Freedom Fighters. He believe the EFF can kick out ANC.

“The EFF will bring ANC rulership to an end. Our strategy is about to collapse this big elephant” he said

Julius Malema has a huge following in South Africa and majority of the youth believe he’s the man who’ll turn things around.

Asked if he’ll work with the Democratic Alliance, he said its not really necessary.

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