we will kill every Ukraine soldier on the battlefield, take no more POWs – Wagner group leader Prigozhin tells Russian soldiers (Video)

Yevgeny Prigozhin in an audio file told the Wagner group to eliminate “everyone on the battlefield”

Leader of Russian Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin on April 23, 2023 told his soldiers not to spare any Ukrainian soldier on the battlefield, not even when they surrender.

Prigozhin who eyes Ukrainian Presidency charged Wagner mercenaries “kill everyone on the battlefield, take no more prisoners” he said in response to a question posted Telegram Channel of his press service.

Months ago, he made a live broadcast, telling the world he’s the best candidate to lead Ukraine in the next elections and he’s ever ready to work to defeat Zelensky. Read more:Head of Russian Wagner group Prigozhin says he’ll run for President of Ukraine to unseat Zelensky (Video)

He suggests that instead of taking in prisoners of war and feeding them, it is best they end their lives on the battlefield because Russian Federation “never violate international laws of humanism. And the law of humanism starts from the moment you take a person prisoner. You take a prisoner, you start taking care of him, treat him” he said, revealing Wagner mercenaries “will kill everyone who are on the battlefield” saying they shouldn’t “take anymore POWs”

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