We’re never appreciated abroad, I challenge all African footballers to put money with me and leave Europe to develop Africa – Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has thrown challenge to his colleague African footballers, who are playing abroad

Mario Balotelli want his colleague African footballers to forfeit all the juicy deals in Europe and come back home. Mario believes Africa have what it takes to produce an enviable league as well.

“I challenge you all African footballers to put money together with me to leave the racist Europe and build stadiums in Africa and develop our youth” he said years ago. Jose Mourinho, the special one also made similar comments months ago. Read articles below.

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Mario Balotelli continued. “We have money, we can build at least 5 world class stadiums in each country and sign a petition that no player will be exported to Europe. Here in Africa, they will play under love and their sisters and brothers with no one singing racist chants on the standa against them. We are more talented. We can make our champions league quality and our leagues quality, we have great talent that is never appreciated abroad” he said

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