West Ham boss, David Moyes stands by Zouma, says he’s available to play (Video)

Moyes says Zouma is available to play against Leicester on Sunday

West Ham boss, David Moyes stands by Zouma, says he’s available to play

West Ham boss says Kurt Zouma is available and would play on Sunday. Moyes made his comments prior to the game on Sunday (West Ham vs Leicester).

Speaking to Sky Sports, the manager revealed that management has made a final decision on the matter, that Zouma should be in the squad on Sunday.

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Kurt Zouma was seen in a video shared on Snapchat by his brother, kicking his cat. Watch video Kurt Zouma apologizes for abusing his cat (Video)

His case has caused a lot of public uproar. yesterday, Zouma lost his deal with Adidas. All his cats were taken from him. Reports also say he could face up to four years in prison for kicking his cat. Read more □ Zouma’s Cats have been taken away from him by RSPCA

Adidas ends sponsorship with Zouma, fined £250k by club, could face 4years in prison for kicking his cat

Despite all these controversies, he played few days ago. His club has come under pressure for their decisions to let him play hours after his ordeal. But that’s is not over, speaking to Sky Sports, David Moyes believes what he did was unspeakable but the club has made a decision and he stands by it.

“I understand the criticism of me over the decision, but I know where my own moral compass is. I totally understand why people will be disappointed by my decision. RSPCA will provide lessons for Kurt about how to treat animals. Kurt is incredibly remorseful. Sometimes you need a bit of forgiveness. He hopes people forgive a bad action” David Moyes said.

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