What does Biden and Trudeau ban from Russia mean for students?

Russia bars entry to President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

WHAT DOES Biden and Trudeau ban from Russia mean for students

What does Biden and Trudeau ban from entering Russia mean for students in these two countries? What does it mean for students coming from other countries to study in America and Canada?

What does it also mean for those who will just love to stay back in their countries and study online. For example, how will staying at home to enroll an online school for business degree be beneficial to the young?.

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NATO allies including Canada led by America imposed heavy sanctions on Russia after Putin ordered Russian military to invade Ukraine. The President’s actions have brought massive sanctions on the world’s biggest country including the European Union recently announcing its fouth package sanctions, which Includes the following: EU sanctions on Russia and its financial downsides

While the situation is currently affecting everyone globally, we take a look at its impact on these North American nations. Canada and the United States are top countries you could easily get the programme of your choice even of you want online school for business degree. But it’s always pleasurable to travel to another country to enjoy a different environment and culture.

Can I still get the programme I want to read?

Yes, it is very easy to still secure for your that programme you have been dreaming of even if you are a Russian.

Is it advisable to move to Canada or America from Russia to study?.

It is advisable to stay as a Russian citizen. Because there have been several sanctions and uncertainties.

You may have to study how things may turn out before you make any further steps.

Can I still apply to study outside my country if I’m not a Russian national?. Absolutely yes, you can just apply and wait for admission.

There have calls from many activists and world leaders to recogize Russia as a terrorist state. It became intense after Russian troops attacked a civilian building which took lives including the life of a pregnant woman. The negative implications will be unbearable to carry as a Russian student if that happens.

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Already, international students on full course I Russia face difficult times as sanctions hit the country, making things very expensive. Students who want to leave Russia are currently unable to because departing flights are exponentially high.


You’re safe if you stay out of trouble because there is currently mass protest ongoing across Russia. People are being arrested by Russian police so its much better to stay on the low this time around. Your life is precious and you should do your best to protect you.


It definitely wil. President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden has also been hit by the sanction.

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