What does Russia suspension from Human Rights Council by UN means?

Russia has been suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council over alleged crimes against humanity in Ukraine


What does RUSSIA suspension from HUMAN Rights Council by the United Nations really means?

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Russia has become the second nation to be suspended from Human Rights Council by the United Nations. But what does RUSSIA suspension really mean?.

The United Nations General Assembly who elects members of the Human Rights Council only suspended one member until Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

African country, Libya was the only country to be suspended by the United Nations General Assembly in March, 2011. That happened during Gadhafi’s regime.

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly voted to suspend a key founding member, Russia from the 47 member Human Rights Council over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But what does this really mean for Russia as a founding member? What does it also mean to the United Nations Human Rights Council, after its establishment in 2006?.

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The Russian government in 2011 voted for Libya to be expelled from the United Nations Human Rights Council, now its their turn. 93 Nations said yes while 24 said no. The United Nations General Assembly only needed double No votes to Yes votes for required 2/3 majority. The rest 58, who were absent do not count.

What necessitated the suspension was alleged killings of civilians in Ukraine. There have been reports of rape cases by Russian occupiers in some Ukrainian towns including Bucha. Read more Ukrainian government release names of Russian Brigade that commit atrocities in Bucha

“We have been working very, very hard since this war started to build a coalition of countries who are prepared to condemn Russia. We got 141 votes, the first time we went into the General Assembly. The second time we got 140. And I have no doubt that we can defeat Russia here on the Human Rights Council” U.S ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas Greenfield said.

U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said “a country that is perpetuating gross and systematic violations of human Rights should not sit on a body whose job it is, to protect those rights. Today, a wrong was righted” he said. There have been been reports of bodies of civilians being burnt by Russian occupiers to cover up their atrocities in Bucha and other Ukrainian suberbs.

Russia is a veto wielding permanent member of the UN Security Council including the United Kingdom, France, China and the United States and all have seats on the Human Rights Council but Russia can’t anymore.

This also means Russia can no longer address member nations at the annual General Assembly.

Russia can no longer take part in all activities of the United Nations General Assembly. Russia is gradually being cloistered from the rest and here’s How Russia is isolated from the world after Ukraine invasion.

This also means Russia could easily be expelled from other powerful organizations including G20 and G7. The United States is already pushing for Russia to be expelled from G20 after President Biden says Russia should be expelled from G20

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