Check the meaning of Scholzing, a new word internet users derived from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s name

German Internet users have derived a new word from the name of Olaf Scholz

Scholzing is the new word that has surfaced on the Internet especially in Germany and other European countries. The word was derived from the name of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which literally means “to promise but fail to deliver or delay the process”.

Germany in December 2022 promised to send more ammunitions including tanks to Ukraine but that has been delayed for sometime. Both the United States and Germany in a joint statement announced they will support Ukraine militarily as long as it takes. Read more: United States Germany and France are sending more fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

In as much as the country has fulfilled some of its promise, there’s still a lot to do. The United States so far has been the highest suppoter of Ukraine both financially and with ammunitions.

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What does Scholzing mean?

“communicating good intentions only to use, find, invent any reason imaginable to delay these and or prevent them from happening”

How social media users define Scholzing?

Below are some reactions and individual meanings.

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