What the world is saying 100days after Taliban ban girls education in Afghanistan

What the world is saying 100 days after Taliban ban girls education in Afghanistan

There have been several atrocities since Taliban invasion or takeover in August

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Months after the group invaded Kabul and takeover Afghanistan, the militant group stopped all girls from going to school. In a picture, a young girl is seen holding placard with the ininscription ‘I want to go to school

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The militant group also banned women from working especially in some keen institutions in Taliban. Taliban believes the place for women and the girl child is taking care of the house, nothing else. There have been growing reports of the militant group reintroducing the sharia law, a law that was fully used two decades ago when they were in power. Read more

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Taliban beheaded female volleyball player & posted photos online – reports

Taliban ban girls from getting high-school education in Afghanistan

Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala’s father who is a peace women’s rights and education activist, including other activists have been protesting online for the group to lift the ban for the girl child ro go back to school. They use ‘Let Afghanistan girls learn’ as hashtag ro send their messages across. Many nations including Germany, France, Italy, the United States, UK etc. have all refused to recognize the militant group as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

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“One hundred days of Taliban’s ban on girls education in Afghanistan. One hundred days of darkness. Days that have become one long, long night. Let there be dawn, let there be light” Yousafzai tweeted.

Many activists have also joined the protest and are calling the United Nations, Amnesty International to keep speaking on the matter.

After over 20years of war in Afghanistan, America’s new president, Joe Biden said it was time American troops returned home.

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